Friday, June 27, 2008

a day at the beach

today dada's work had a beach day, so he came home and we all got into the car and headed to hermosa.
we walked on the pier to check out the fishermen and their catch.
xander decided to take a break and stop for a pose.

after our stroll on the pier, it was time to hit the sand. e-la helped xander walk over the sand.

as we got closer to the water, xander wasn't sure if he wanted to get wet.

we watched as dada got wet. when the waves reached us, xander decided to hang on mama. xander eventually got wet.
zack zack was m.i.a.
he was knocked out in his stroller. i guess he enjoyed the sea breeze that he slept through the whole time.
this was a fun beach day and we can't wait for another one.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

waiting for the east coasters. . .

we were late to church but we wanted to see family, especially the tibayan 4's so we went to diamond bar. we just missed them when we got there so we waited. ate danika came over so she kept xander busy.
zack was excited to see his cousins and auntie for the first time. can you see the excitement???
when they finally got there, i think keys day was spent. as you can see, she was knocked out. no matter what we did, she didn't wake up. she is so cute!
we didn't get a pic of elijah, but he is such a big boy now. he was busy playing with xander in lolo and lola's room. as for mr. zack. he decided to chill out with auntie frances. we are so glad they are back. we still gotta pray for uncle peej and uncle buzz as they drive back. family is fun!
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

happy dada's day!

we were able to get a family picture on dada's day! woo-hoo! actually, this was a very special day because we were all able to get to church on time( today, it didn't happen). i didn't know how hard it was to get two kids and myself ready by a certain time. if church was at 1 in the afternoon we would always be on time. oh well. well, this is our intro to the world of blog! hopefully, you'll be able to see what's up with the boys and our day to day antics. haha, i said antics. i didn't even know what that meant when i typed it. i need sleep!
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