Monday, September 28, 2009

date w/xander

xander and i love ikea meatballs. rc not so much. so when either one of us feel like it, we tell dada that we are going on a date. i do some errands and make sure one place we go to is ikea. xander likes it cause he thinks it's all about him. no brother to bother him. as we were heading home i couldn't help but think of my other lil man. i don't know what he would like to do but i make sure to hold him when i get home. i can't wait to go on dates with him!
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Friday, September 18, 2009


xander has been practicing his picture taking skills. he's been taking pictures of anything and everything around the house. they've been turning out pretty good except he likes to stick his finger in front of the hole that some pictures have a finger or a blur. i asked him if i could take some pics of them and he said ok. i said cheese right before each picture and this is what i got!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

long overdue. .

i haven't blogged in such a long time. things around the house has been a bit hectic. .the boys act up more when they are hot! we don't have a/c except upstairs in the rooms and the boys like playing downstairs so it's always a struggle trying to calm down irritated toddlers. so far the pregnancy is doing ok. baby girl is healthy and a kicker! someone commented that she's a little mia hamm. the boys are excited to have a lil sister. they talk to her all the time and she moves around alot when she hears them. i got gestational diabetes again so that means a special diet again. i thought i was gaining weight after losing 10 lbs. but it was a false alarm cause my morning sickness is still around. as long as the baby is healthy i guess losing a lil weight for now is ok. i know i will gain it in my last month, hopefully.

xander had his birthday last month. we celebrated it up north. we tried to fly to guam or hawaii through the military, but it didn't work out. the time away was good, though. the boys enjoyed their time up there with everyone. xander also celebrated down in so cal with his cousin a.j. at pump it up! fun center. according to xander, he is a big boy now! no more bottles! no more diapers or pull ups! i start his preschool learning next week so we are both excited to do school at home.
zack has been growing up fast before our eyes. he can communicate better with us. he's a lil troublemaker though. he likes to copy everything his brother does and gets into trouble cause he does things he's not supposed to. we are working on his words right now. he can copy what you say and sometimes you can understand him. he's a little dancing machine! he loves to sing also.

for now, that's what our adventures have been. until next time!