Monday, June 15, 2009

the samurai boy

before we cut little man's hair, rc asked me to make him a samurai outfit because we tie his hair up like a samurai (no, not a ponytail!) so, on saturday morning, i took some pillowcases and decided to have a little photoshoot. here are a few pics. my facebook has the complete story of the little samurai. if you don't have facebook, ask me to send you a link to my picassa.

the samurai boy. . . .

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

finally time to update. . .

it's been a while since i blogged. we had a mini vacation to sf, went to disneyland numerous times, spent time with family, and stayed home sick. pictures will eventually be posted when i feel a bit better. little siomai (the name kuya xander gave the baby) is still giving me "all day" sickness. after a day out, the next is to recover cause i get soooo tired. zack wants to do everything xander does. it's fun to see how he's becoming a big boy. i already started training him for the baby. he listens, but most of the time, he just looks at me with a sneaky look and runs away. he's "lil trouble"!