Sunday, December 28, 2008

snow much fun!

the day after christmas, the tibayan family had a big bear overnight trip. we couldn't make the sleepover, so we decided to follow the next day. after meeting up with t.i., peepai, and rachel at diamond bar, we headed towards the mountain. we had to stop over at wal mart to get some chains and then we got stuck in traffic. i guess it was expected because it was a saturday, but it took forever! imagine, a car with a toddler and infant plus we were getting hungry and needed to make a bathroom stop. in the end, we didn't get to meet up with the family, but we did have a little snow time at the corner 7 eleven.

xander had sooo much fun that he was screaming when we were getting him to the car. dada said that we would be able to play in the snow again, since we had chains now, it would be no problem.

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zack and food

zack loves to eat. we've started giving a little table food but when his kuya has his snacks, we make sure zack has his own. sunday morning before church, we had the boys dressed and ready to go. while i packed up the boys bottle bag, i gave them both a little snack to keep them occupied.

zack saw what his brother was eating and decided he wanted it!
he reached over and took it from his brother. xander knew zack wasn't allowed to eat it and also that it was his, so they started fighting over the bag.
i didn't want any crying this morning, so they had to be separated!
zack decided to dump out the stars when i moved him over. what's so "trouble" of him is that, he actually looked at me before and while he was dumping the container, like he was telling me, "mama, if i can't have what kuya has, look at this mess!" can't wait to see what else he has planned for me!

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xander's dog

the other day, xander runs into the room and says, mama, i found tofu. i said, you found who? tofu, ,my dog. he brought him onto the bed and started to play with tofu and let zack pet him.

watching xander play with his tofu made me think of the original tofu. we gave him to a family member to take care of when zack was about to be born. i couldn't take care of 2 kids and a dog, so we waited and prayed for a good family to take care of him. he is with rc's tita manette and they tell me he's a king over there with the whole family spoiling him. for now, xander's tofu will do, but it would be nice to get a dog when the boys are bigger. but, we will never forget our tofu baby!
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

it's a small world

with our disneyland break over, we headed to the magic kingdom after having lunch with dada. we went to downtown disney first and then we did our usual disney visit with astro blasters. there were a lot more people than i expected so i asked xander what other ride he wanted to go on. he said he wanted to ride on a boat so we headed to it's a small world. the last time we rode on this was when xander turned 1 and since it just reopened, it was a new thing for xander. he sat like a big boy next to me and was all oohs and ahhs!

the holiday decorations were a nice touch to the ride. it made it a lot brighter and even zack was entertained throughout the ride.

now, the only ride that xander needs to ride is the nemo submarine adventure. i think we'll do that when dada is with us. i only have one lap and it's already taken by the little one!
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Monday, December 8, 2008

family, fun, and jason bateman

the cerdena family came together for thanksgiving and spent a day at the magic kingdom. for the boys and i, it was a nice way to end our disney break.

the boys liked showing everyone our favorite attractions.we even got to see some celebrities! as we were about to get on the toy story ride, a group went ahead of us with some familiar faces. we only got a pic of jason bateman but kristen bell and dax sheppard were there also.
on astro blasters, a.j. got to ride with ninong sam.

as for xander, he showed ninang len how to shoot the bad guys.

ninang issa gave zack some money, so he decided to buy a new friend. hello baby buzz!

can i bite your nose?

on our way to see mickey mouse, we took time to take a pic at pluto's doghouse. after all, zack was pluto on halloween!

here's a.j. really enjoying his churro!

our first pic with mickey mouse! too bad dada wasn't with us!

before we could leave, we had to let the family experience the pixar parade that the boys love!

after a day of fun, zack's knocked out! can't wait to go back!
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

*sea world fun

on veterans day, we headed down to san diego to check out sea world's bay of play and "nemo".

here we are ready to go!

dada and xander wanted to ride on elmo so they left me and zack to just watch.

we got to meet a real life clydesdale. the very big horse let us pet him. xander said he felt soft.

after walking around, we saw some instruments to play with. xander was ready to put his musical talent to the test.
who could resist a bite of funnel cake and ice cream. i think these two were so into this goodness that they couldn't even look in the camera.
before leaving we had to stop by to see the sharks.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

my handsomes

here are my handsomes. if you ask xander who's handsome, he would say himself. when i tell him he looks like dada, he says dada is handsome. if i say that zack looks like him, zack becomes handsome. these three keep me real busy. my day is packed with so much to make these handsomes happy.
my sleeping handsome. he's a mischievous one. he looks like an angel right now, but once he's awake, watch out! he's been exercising his legs that now he likes to stand up in his crib all by himself. he likes grabbing things from his brother and he also likes to eat yummy vegetables.

my big boy handsome is that, a big boy! he got a cool haircut on saturday, just like dada! he started his school learning at home. he likes to color, paint, build and cut. he also is working on his potty skills. big boy means no more diapers! we are using underwear now, so his bag is full of extra clothes, just in case. he's learning, and it makes him so happy when he makes it to the potty.

my big handsome is busy working. the boys and i love it when we can go out all together or play at home. these boys like to wrestle, especially the little one. what do you expect, they're boys. i know i said that i wanted just boys, and with my handsomes, i'm very thankful to God! i love them so much!
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