Saturday, February 28, 2009

my dishwashers

doing dishes everyday gets my hands very dry. sometimes, i feel like i don't want to do it anymore. at those times, dada and his little helper steps in so that we don't have a sink full of dirty dishes.

these guys do such a good job that sometimes i just ask them to do the dishes so mama can rest. we have an actual dishwasher but with dada doing it, xander learns how to do it. i love seeing his excitement in doing the day to day things around the house. i guess this is the time cause he just wants to be independent and a big boy!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

lolo's birthday continued

after a fun filled day, we still had a night of bowling for lolo rey.

zack had his hair up because he was sweaty and his hair was sticking to his face, poking his eyes.

dada bowling a strike!

dada helping xander with his ball.

xander watching to see if he hit any pins.
of course, the photographer wasn't in the pictures. i got to play also, and it was nice being with the family! we are all excited for more bowling nights!
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happy birthday lolo!

sunday was lolo rey's birthday. the family headed out to chinatown and ate some good food.

after, we headed out to see the little shops in chinatown. it was like stepping into another world. i felt like i was in the philippines with all the shopkeepers trying to lure me in to spend money.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

driving in the supermarket

today was spend the day with a.j. we headed down to san diego and went grocery shopping at the base. we wanted to actually shop so we got to use these super cool shopping carts.

zack knows where to go! just follow this future spaceship driver.

a.j. wanted kuya to drive with him.

zack with ninang len. what to buy?

we had a fun day spending time with the jocos.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

the tongue

zack loves to copy his brother. when kuya is playing blocks, zack wants to play blocks. when kuya is coloring, zack wants to color. when kuya sticks out his tongue, zack does the same.

i think he does this because he thinks his kuya is cool. also, it might be because some teeth are coming out.

oh, he also likes to eat paper, too!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

naked at disneyland

what happens when you go to disneyland and decide you need to do a #2, so you lean over and do your business. after, you fall back and #2 squishes out of your diaper. your mother smells something nasty, and decides to change you in the park. little does she know that when she picks you up, there is poop all over her and you. she asks, did you just poop all over yourself? you shake your head no. so, you leave the restroom naked and now you are naked in disneyland.
does he look innocent to you?
we had extra clothes in the car, so our day at disneyland was over. we got to ride toy story 2 times and buzz lightyear 1 time. another adventure for us on disney tuesday!
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