Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my ellie girl

things have been busy in the house. with 3 kids, i knew it wouldn't be easy. i thank God that we got the kuyas ready for ellie's arrival. they have been so helpful. they watch over her while she sleeps, gives her a paci when needed, occasionally feeds her, talks to her, makes her laugh, gets her diaper. . . and the list goes on. they love her so much! she's turning into a character now. we can see that she tries to get our attention with her fake crying. she knows if you are sitting or standing while holding her. and she somehow knows that when you are shaking her formula it's time to eat, and she'll let you know. we love this girl!

hiding in her blanket

just took a bath

chillin in her crib

sitting (with mom's help) at the table with kuyas
(you see her tooth! yup, she's 2 months and she has a tooth!)
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