Friday, October 31, 2008

pixar parade

we've been cleaning house this week and i decided we needed a break. so, we went out to run some errands. mama wanted to get some school supplies for xander so he could start learning stuff that i used to teach, (uh oh, highlands curriculum?? just kidding). we went to lakeshore and then to walmart, then i asked xander where he wanted to go. usually, he says to xander's house because he wants to play with his toys, but today he said, "mama, let's shoot bad guys" so, off to our large playground in anaheim (we were halfway there already). since we got there late, it was perfect for us to see the pixar parade. xander's a big fan! if you don't believe me, check out his room! zack waiting for the parade to start.
who starts off the parade? lightning mcqueen! xander was taking his nap but when he heard that lightning was coming, he instantly woke up.

here we are right on the parade line. xander waving at everyone in the parade.

xander's hand was constantly waving. he kept telling me "mama look!" he didn't want me to miss a thing.

one of xander's favorites, ratatoille! he likes helping me around the kitchen because of this movie.

it's crush the turtle from nemo!

a picture of us watching! zack was really into it. i had to take him out of the stroller because this parade was a wet one. they were spraying water on us as they passed by and i didn't want zack soaking wet like kuya.

according to xander, his friend buzz lightyear! we yelled his name and he gave us a salute.

xander likes mr.potato head because of the toy story ride. he's silly!

and the end of the parade is mater! we had so much fun! after we headed to disneyland to shoot bad guys and also headed over to frontier land to see woody and jesse. it'll be a while till we come here again. gotta get our living room ready for xander's school table. until next time, see you later, mater!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

happy happy mama day

for mama's birthday, we all got to go to the la zoo. we didn't expect it to be so busy but it was a fun day. pushing the boys around. xander would eventually be free and zack would be moved to the front to see more.

dada with xander checking out some kangaroos

dada and zack in front of the zebras

mama and zack posing in front of the elephants

dada showing xander how cool it is to touch the snake

i forgot to take a pic of the entrance, i guess this logo on a trash can will do!
after the zoo, we had dinner at joe's crab shack, mama loves crabs!

xander watching the servers dance

zack trying to grab the food on the table. we all had fun, and i thank God for another year in my life.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

dentist and disney

xander had his first visit with the dentist. dada sat with him in the dentist chair while zack and mama waited in the waiting room. when xander came out, he had a big clean smile and a cool new toothbrush. dada said that he did such a good job that he deserved a trip to shoot bad guys!

xander in action!

zack played also trying to grab the joystick. here he is taking a break.

so much to see on the ride.

xander's friend waiting outside the ride. this special boy had a very special day!
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new family photographer

xander has a new toy, my old camera. it was acting up with me so dada got me a new camera for my birthday. anyways, seeing the opportunity to be like dada and mama, xander claimed the camera as his and started taking pictures. i am so glad its digital, so many shots of nothing. he's still learning but its funny how he takes pictures backwards. here are some that came out.

our little photographer

one actually facing the right way

camera backwards

saying cheese
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Monday, October 13, 2008

toy story monday

dada didn't have work today so we decided to swing by california adventure and ride toy story.

zack and mama waiting in line.

hey! it's buzz!

silly kuya and silly dada!
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

. . .and beyond!

today we used our season pass. boy, was it a crazy day. we had to actually wait in line for astro blasters. we decided to ride it twice because i didn't think we would have time to ride anything else. as we were heading out of the park to see if the monsters inc. ride had a long line, we saw someone that xander totally thinks is cool. . . . it's buzz lightyear! he wouldn't look at me while i took the pic but afterwards, he said he was sooo happy to see buzz.

we headed over to california adventure to ride monsters inc. and after we all got back in the car, my passengers all fell asleep. we were going to eat close to disneyland, but since the boys were knocked out, mama decided to do some errands. we ended up in cerritos and ate at the mall. xander said his tummy hurt (he's hungry) so he chose to eat at hot dog on a stick. he wouldn't even share with me.

as kuya ate, zack was just hanging out in his stroller. he seemed content with his dino. can you tell?
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

zack's first feeding

here are the pics of zack's introduction to cereal! yum yum!

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Friday, October 3, 2008

my lil drummer boy

every christmas, pastor ed comes up to me and tells me that rc was the little drummer boy in the christmas program when he was younger. it's funny how xander is the little drummer boy now. i think it started when lolo and mommy only bought a drumset that i put together at their house. xander couldn't even touch the floor while sitting on the stool but he still pounded on those drums. today he was in the kitchen with me and he found some chopsticks from take out. he immediately took them apart and started drumming around the house. . .on the couch, on the tv, on his brother. . .it was so cute. zack was laughing the whole time. my lil drummer boy doing his stuff around the house. i pray that he'll grow up musically talented like his dada, the big drummer boy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

yum yum

zack likes his cereal! i started his first taste of rice cereal on tuesday and the boy likes it. at first he made faces, but today, he actually opened his mouth and swallowed the cereal like a big boy. he is getting so big so fast. he likes sitting up and he's been making his brother cry by grabbing things away from him. if you ask xander who's mama's terrible (referring to his terrible twos) he says, "xander's terrible" and when you ask who's mama's trouble, "zack zack's trouble" i just love these two to pieces. pictures will be posted soon of zack's first feeding!