Friday, January 30, 2009

zack does what?

he climbs up the stairs!!!!! ahhh!
we have barriers all over the living room. zack is not allowed in the kitchen cause he puts everything in his mouth. he is not allowed in the bathroom, just cause it's the bathroom. now, he is climbing and i have to block off the stairs. i'm glad he's a little explorer but i really have to keep an eye on him. he got stuck in between the playpen and couch the other day. he squeezed his body and couldn't move any farther. he doesn't know how to back up yet.

do you know this kid?

i was shopping at costco and there was this kid waiting outside. he was a bit dirty but cute. as i was leaving the store, he ran up to me and said "i'm homeless!" i gave him a churro and i took him home.

i don't know if dada put him up to this, but i was laughing the whole way home.
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

sick days

it's been crazy in the house. we are all recovering. zack is getting over his cough, cold, and teething. xander is still coughing but no more fever. i am still on meds for my wisdom teeth extraction. dada is coughing and trying to get some rest from taking care of all of us. we got a break on tuesday, dada took us to toy story and then to diamond bar to do some laundry. with dada back to work, we stay home. the house is a mess! i don't know when i will be able to start cleaning again. hopefully soon cause i can't stand it. the boys seem to like being lazy at home.
my blanket downstairs in the living room mean hiding and lounging.

even though he has a clogged up nose, he still has time to smile for me.
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

baby no more. . .

my boys are growing up so fast. as i sit in our living room i can't believe they were the little babies in the pictures hanging on the wall. xander is more independent now. he would rather do things on his own and has a fit if you do it for him. zack watches his big brother so intently that when kuya is doing something, he will be imitating him when he leaves whatever activity. it reminds me of the other day when xander was coloring and decided to color our electric fan. i got mad at him and gave him a wipe to clean the fan. after he was done, he was off to do another activity. i changed zack's diaper after and gave him a wipe to keep him occupied. i let him off the couch and i went to the kitchen to throw away the diaper. when i looked over to the kids, i saw zack had made his way over to the fan and was using his wipe to wipe the fan. he's getting so big. he's been practicing to stand on his own. before we know it, he'll be walking all over the place, ahhhh!

Monday, January 12, 2009

last minute trip. .

today, zack had a 9 month doctors appt. the first thing the doc said was to cut his hair. something about irritating his face. he said the same thing to me about xander and i wasn't surprised. after, i asked xander what he wanted to do. it was getting a bit hot outside and i was thinking of hitting the mall for some air con. xander had other plans in mind. so after him reminding me that we didn't go last week ( i didn't want to drive), we headed to disneyland. there wasn't that much people, so we even got to take pics with zack's favorite, tigger and eeyore. buzz was there but i told xander we got pics with him already.
after riding on astro blasters, i asked xander what other ride he wanted to get on. of course it was toy story mania. i usually have the kids on my lap and i wasn't sure he was big enough to sit on his own, but i asked and they said no problem. he did pretty well on his own. i didn't get to take a pic of his score, maybe next visit. but, since he had so much fun on his own, we rode it twice. five minute wait!!!!

this friday we plan on coming back. i expect it to be a bit more busy but i told xander if he does well with going on the potty, we will go to toy story more often.
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

disneyland with u.n. sam and co.

the boys love disneyland and they love it even more when we get to go with others. we got a chance to hang out with uncle/ninong sam and co. on a cold winter friday.
xander ready to ride some rides!
ninang issa and zack!

uncle sam and xander waiting to play toy story!
xander looking to see if he can spot nemo!

the boys loved hanging out with these girls. come back and visit us again!

and of course, uncle/ninong sam, we love you! xander kept looking for him even after he left. xander wants uncle sam to know that he has a spot in his room for him!

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