Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This past sunday, we were able to go to cfbc's church building inauguration. cfbc has a special place in my heart. not only did i marry someone from this church, but they have adopted me as one of their own. they are my family down here in so cal. alot of people don't know that it wasn't because of rc that i know cfbc. i actually visited before when it was in a little corner of a strip mall. my church in san francisco came down to do a youth musical there. our pastors know each other back in the day and also our music director was related to cfbc's director. who knew that one day i would become a member of this fellowship! back then, i met some great people and really didn't know that now these people would be good friends. if you look through some of the pics, rc is in it though back then, i didn't know who he was. cfbc, thank you for being my family here! i am so happy that our prayers for a new building have been answered!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

halloween 2010

i haven't blogged in a long time. i apologize. a lot has been happening at home. with preschool, potty training and teaching to walk. . . plus an injured mama. . things have been busy. i do get to finally post again. here is our family on halloween. we celebrated first at chino hills kids nite and after we got to do some trick or treating with kuya niko and ate danika. the kids had a lot of fun!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my active girl!

what to do with this girl! we can't leave her anywhere because she constantly scoots and rolls over. even with pillows all around her on the bed, she finds a way to kick it off and still fall. don't worry, she's one tough girl. no bumps. she also doesn't like to be lying on her back so we have to constantly move her from her exersaucer and the highchair. when you hold her hands, she does a little stomping dance and makes you wonder, how old is she??? we started feeding her cereal and she bites down on her spoon and then looks at us like keep the food coming! so, is this how it is with a girl??? she's growing up too fast.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

sea world

for zack's birthday we decided to wake up late and enjoy a denny's breakfast. we then decided to go to sea world cause we we're blocked out from disneyland and this was free for military. we made our way to sea world a bit late in the day. i think we got there about 5 and stayed til 8. it didn't matter. the whole time we were there, we just stayed in the bay of play. the boys didn't want to see the animals. they just wanted to ride and eat.

dada and xander on the sea slug

the boys on the spinning jellyfish

eating some funnel cake and ice cream

ellie girl just chilling in the stroller!
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Monday, March 29, 2010

photo session

look at this girl!
she loved the camera! i guess with dada taking pictures all the time, she was prepped for this photo session.
more pics to come but just wanted to tease you all with this pic.
she's very active now.
she almost fell off the table cause she didn't want to sit, so she fell forward.
she also rolls over now.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

update. . .

so, according to xander, we have been "blocked out" from disneyland since august when my pass expired. i didn't think we were going to get another pass cause we need 2 now, xander is 3. one night last week, i was talking with rc and asked him if i did a volunteer day and broke open our piggy bank, would it be possible to get annual passes again. while we were up in san francisco, we got a double maclaren stroller from craigslist and i tried taking the kids out with it and we survived. so, he said ok. that night i signed up for a park clean up for last saturday. it was gloomy and rainy but i still showed up, it was down in long beach. there was a total of 5 people who showed up for the give a day, get a disney day so they had us pick up trash around the park and neighborhood. i worked for half the time cause of the weather and they said we were dedicated enough to show up that they gave us credit.

so, here's my certificate! disneyland here we come! just got to get xander's pass next week before we head to anaheim.

as for this, with zack not liking his diaper wet, i decided to start potty training. he pees in the toilet whenever we change his diaper but the hard thing is the poop! hopefully he'll be grossed out like his brother and poop in the toilet after he feels it without a diaper. oh for those who don't know what this is, it's a plastic underwear cover that you put over training briefs or regular underwear.

as for the lil girl, she's getting bigger. she wants to be held all the time. she screams like crazy for attention! sometimes i think, she's so red, doesn't she get it that i won't get her? i put her swing in the kitchen so i can cook and wash dishes while she swings. most of the time, she is awake and trying to get my attention. other times, she's knocked out and i can do more things around the house.

as for xander, he's been practicing his shooting skills on our wii toy story mania, knowing that our block out time is coming to an end. he's pretty good at it too beating me on certain levels. he gets really focused. pictures of him to come later.
that's it for now. til next time!
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my ellie girl

things have been busy in the house. with 3 kids, i knew it wouldn't be easy. i thank God that we got the kuyas ready for ellie's arrival. they have been so helpful. they watch over her while she sleeps, gives her a paci when needed, occasionally feeds her, talks to her, makes her laugh, gets her diaper. . . and the list goes on. they love her so much! she's turning into a character now. we can see that she tries to get our attention with her fake crying. she knows if you are sitting or standing while holding her. and she somehow knows that when you are shaking her formula it's time to eat, and she'll let you know. we love this girl!

hiding in her blanket

just took a bath

chillin in her crib

sitting (with mom's help) at the table with kuyas
(you see her tooth! yup, she's 2 months and she has a tooth!)
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