Sunday, March 29, 2009

zack birthday fun!

so, it was zack's party on saturday. he had a lot of fun walking everywhere! he got to color, jump, and eat some sweet frosting! overall, it was a great day!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

my big boy

my zack zack is such a big boy!
he's walking now!!!
when he get's tired, he crawls again, but in the house, he walks.
he wants to do everything that his big brother does!
sometimes, i look at old pics and miss my little baby.
but, i'm glad that he's getting bigger!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting ready for Zack's 1

today, we decided to get some stuff ready for zack's party. i wrapped xander's present for his little brother. after i was done, he said he wanted to wrap something up for him. he got the tape and paper ready and decided he wanted to give his brother a ball.

he gave up afterwards, because a ball is hard to wrap. he will just give zack the gift mama wrapped for him.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

disneyland tuesdays!

when the weather is nice, you will find us at disneyland on tuesdays. we head straight for toy story mania first and then end our trip with buzz lightyear astro blasters . in between, we either eat, ride other rides, or just walk around. today we decided to have lunch in california adventure.
zack eating apples!

xander eating the deeeelicious corn dog!

we enjoyed our lunch in the palace of fine arts in cal. adv. i guess i chose this place cause i miss the bay. sitting there i got so frustrated because people would come and say, "what is this thing?" i wanted to go up to them and tell them it was the palace of fine arts in san francisco, but i held back. sitting there, i think more than 10 people asked that question. that's alot! i guess i'll always be proud to be from northern california.

on our way to disneyland, we happen to bump into one of xander's favorites!

xander got to touch lightning's favorite sticker, his lightning bolt!

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