Saturday, September 20, 2008

a little update. . .

xander loves to shoot. . .bad guys, that is. we rode buzz astro blasters 3 times in a row yesterday. afterwards, i asked xander what ride zack would like, and he said, "tigger and pooh", so pushing the double stroller to the back of the park to ride the adventures of pooh, we finally made it and as i park the stroller, i notice that both my passengers are knocked out. so, not to wake them, i push them through the crowds of people and decide to head home. xander is collecting pins, courtesy of his mommy ela, and i trade some while they sleep before leaving the park. dada was home early cause he thought we would all go to see fireworks tonight but he didn't look that great. we have a bunch of sniffle noses at home, so i just got dinner ready and rested at home. next week we have a date with him on friday. i guess we could put it on our calendar as friday fireworks day. that's whats happening with us over here. if you've been to our place, the boxes are slowly disappearing. the rooms are also getting fixed, as fix as it can get with a toddler who follows you around and plays with whatever you just put away. keep us in your prayers and i'll see you at our next blog.

Friday, September 12, 2008

disney number 3

i got the lowest season pass for disneyland on monday and the boys and i have used it three times already. first with dada on our anniversary, then yesterday with the boys and i, and today again with the boys. thinking that we already went yesterday, i didn't think we were going today. auntie helen and auntie peepai invited us to meet them today, but i wasn't sure because of the weather and the grocery list in my purse. but when xander woke up this morning, he said "mama, i want to go to disneyland to shoot the bad guys." i told him to get ready and he took a pair of pants from his clothes pile(which still needs to be put away) and went downstairs to go. he even told me to hurry up. how could i say no? so, today was day three of my season of disney. . .and i know there will be many more to come. i guess we could try to take pics with as many characters we encounter.

here's xander and goofy
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

our magic day

all in all, this day was super fun!

the boys had a lot of fun, can you tell? well, there will be many more magic moments since we have disney passes. xander loves buzz lightyear now cause every visit so far, we've been riding astro blasters. ask him if he likes to shoot. he'll reply, "i shoot bad guy!" enjoy all the pics!
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xander and disneyland

here's xander!

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zack and disneyland

i finally get to post some pics from disneyland. here's zack!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

santa monica with ninong and ninang

this is a long awaited blog. on aug. 30, we went out to santa monica with ninong fran and ninang olive from oregon! it's been a while since we last saw them so it was a nice reunion.

strolling on the pier.

meeting little zack.

our outing was fun. xander didn't want to see them go but they had a special "wicked" night ahead of them. we are glad that we were able to hang out with them. i guess we have to plan a trip to oregon! woo hoo! can't wait!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

happy 7th

it was dada and mama's 7th anniversary so we went out to celebrate. we spent a couple of hours at disneyland, (yeah toy story! and buzz!), did a wii game search in the o.c. and city of industry area, had some sandwiches at mama's favorite place, and ended the day visiting family in diamond bar. overall, we all had fun. i thank God for 7 years and 2 boys! and pray for many many more years and boys to come (ok, maybe a girl in there too, hee-hee).
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Friday, September 5, 2008

A and Z

things around the house have been hectic especially when these two are on different schedules. i've got laundry baskets all over the place that need to be folded, when one's asleep the other wakes him up and the other way around. xander is being terrible and i always have to think of ways to make him do things while he thinks its all about him. potty training continues....and i still need to cook dinner and prepare bottles and wash dishes and . . . .i am so glad the weekend is here. i get so overwhelmed but it's worth it when i finally plop down on the couch and see these two hugging talking and kissing each other. then, they look over at me and just give me a smile and i know it's all good. i love these two!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a long day blog. . .from a long weekend of fun

it's only now that i get to sit in front of the computer. it's been a busy weekend for us. . .and a busy day for me. there won't be any pics to this blog yet! cause my little photographer is playing with dada's camera. i was busy paying bills when dada brought to my attention someone hiding behind a pile of laundry on our bed with something in his hand. he was holding the heavy camera the right way also. goes to show that he truly watches what we do. anyway, recap of the long weekends adventures. . . friday-out to diamond bar to pick up ate danika and hang out at the tibayan 2 house. . . sat-out with the rubios of oregon, then heading to a.j. joco party number 2. . . sunday-church at cfbc, then hangout at the diamond bar house before heading to tibayan 2 house for kuya dennis birthday bash. . . and monday- disneyland!!!!!!! today was laundry day and mom with the boys. someone knows how to roll over now, oh no! can't leave him alone on the bed anymore. well, pics coming soon. . that's it for now. i think someone's calling me. the job of a mom never ends!