Monday, November 10, 2008

my handsomes

here are my handsomes. if you ask xander who's handsome, he would say himself. when i tell him he looks like dada, he says dada is handsome. if i say that zack looks like him, zack becomes handsome. these three keep me real busy. my day is packed with so much to make these handsomes happy.
my sleeping handsome. he's a mischievous one. he looks like an angel right now, but once he's awake, watch out! he's been exercising his legs that now he likes to stand up in his crib all by himself. he likes grabbing things from his brother and he also likes to eat yummy vegetables.

my big boy handsome is that, a big boy! he got a cool haircut on saturday, just like dada! he started his school learning at home. he likes to color, paint, build and cut. he also is working on his potty skills. big boy means no more diapers! we are using underwear now, so his bag is full of extra clothes, just in case. he's learning, and it makes him so happy when he makes it to the potty.

my big handsome is busy working. the boys and i love it when we can go out all together or play at home. these boys like to wrestle, especially the little one. what do you expect, they're boys. i know i said that i wanted just boys, and with my handsomes, i'm very thankful to God! i love them so much!
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Monday, November 3, 2008

first day of school

today was xander's first day of school (home school, that is). we have been getting ready for this for a while now. i needed something to show him that he was a big boy and move on from diapers and the bottle. having school meant he was special cause only he could do it and not zack. xander even helped me get some school supplies last week and today he got to use some. he was so excited!

playdough was the first activity. xander doesn't like getting his hands dirty so this was the first thing i wanted to do with him.

he was so proud of himself. he said that he made mickey mouse. i was just glad he didn't give any to his brother.

next activity was blocks. we wanted to work on his fine motor skills. these linking blocks were just used to stack and not put together and apart. he was pretty focused (which is a good thing).

xander still busy stacking blocks. he really worked hard on this and after he was done, he cleaned up.
as kuya was busy doing his thing, zack was on the love sac playing with his toy.
after a while, zack got bored and cried for a bottle. pray for this zack. he's teething so he doesn't know what to do with himself. he just watches us and starts complaining (it's not really crying cause he just babbles loudly). then, when it's time, he cries for a bottle or food. poor little zack.
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

candy collecting

october 31, 2008. . . we packed the family into the pilot and headed to diamond bar. our plans for the night were to go to a carnival at ate danika's church and then head to her house to go trick or treating.
xander all ready to go! our little buzz lightyear, with his special blaster, was waiting patiently as we got little zack ready.
zack as pluto! kuya xander picked this costume out for his brother. there was a pluto headpiece, but zack didn't like it, so we just painted his nose and mama made some ears.
chilling in the stroller, zack checked out all the excitement. everyone thought he was winnie the pooh and a girl! we know he's cute but please, he's a boy!

xander ready to shoot bad guys who got in our way!

xander at a carnival booth fishing for prizes. he got a lot of goodies and candy!

next, it was off to the streets. xander was so independent. he didn't want anyone to hold his hand. he used his flashlight and led the way to a tiring night of going up stairs and getting candy.

candy please! zack asking but only getting a stuffed animal.

my puffy pluto. he wanted to stay out but it was getting late. once we got indoors, this one fell asleep while kuya xander checked out what he got. mama gave him a small bag of inspected candy. with a lolipop, oreo cookies, and m&ms, a happy xander enjoyed his treats.

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