Monday, March 29, 2010

photo session

look at this girl!
she loved the camera! i guess with dada taking pictures all the time, she was prepped for this photo session.
more pics to come but just wanted to tease you all with this pic.
she's very active now.
she almost fell off the table cause she didn't want to sit, so she fell forward.
she also rolls over now.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

update. . .

so, according to xander, we have been "blocked out" from disneyland since august when my pass expired. i didn't think we were going to get another pass cause we need 2 now, xander is 3. one night last week, i was talking with rc and asked him if i did a volunteer day and broke open our piggy bank, would it be possible to get annual passes again. while we were up in san francisco, we got a double maclaren stroller from craigslist and i tried taking the kids out with it and we survived. so, he said ok. that night i signed up for a park clean up for last saturday. it was gloomy and rainy but i still showed up, it was down in long beach. there was a total of 5 people who showed up for the give a day, get a disney day so they had us pick up trash around the park and neighborhood. i worked for half the time cause of the weather and they said we were dedicated enough to show up that they gave us credit.

so, here's my certificate! disneyland here we come! just got to get xander's pass next week before we head to anaheim.

as for this, with zack not liking his diaper wet, i decided to start potty training. he pees in the toilet whenever we change his diaper but the hard thing is the poop! hopefully he'll be grossed out like his brother and poop in the toilet after he feels it without a diaper. oh for those who don't know what this is, it's a plastic underwear cover that you put over training briefs or regular underwear.

as for the lil girl, she's getting bigger. she wants to be held all the time. she screams like crazy for attention! sometimes i think, she's so red, doesn't she get it that i won't get her? i put her swing in the kitchen so i can cook and wash dishes while she swings. most of the time, she is awake and trying to get my attention. other times, she's knocked out and i can do more things around the house.

as for xander, he's been practicing his shooting skills on our wii toy story mania, knowing that our block out time is coming to an end. he's pretty good at it too beating me on certain levels. he gets really focused. pictures of him to come later.
that's it for now. til next time!
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