Thursday, April 30, 2009

disney days

it's been nice having ela with us. i haven't been feeling that great cause of my "all-day sickness" and with her here, the boys have someone to run to. ela got a pass to disneyland so we were able to go with her on wednesday. we only went to toy story and monsters inc. so it was a pretty much relaxed day.

i've been eating those huge pickles from disneyland and someone likes them too!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

dj lance

on thursday, dada took a day off so we can spend time with the cfbc youth at the getty villa. when we left malibu, i asked xander who did he want to see, the youth again in santa monica pier or dj lance from yo gabba gabba. he said dj lance. so, with an appearance on melrose, i drove in traffic while the boys went to sleep, and made it to the store. the line went all the way around the corner with lines of parents and strollers everywhere. we waited for 2 hours and didn't get into the store. bad planning from kidrobot la. it was nice of dj lance to come out and greet those who waited so long just to see him.

xander couldn't believe it was actually him. we wish we could've made it into the store. i just thank God that the boys didn't get sick, and that they were pretty patient. i guess all the waiting in line at disneyland paid off!!!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zack is 1!

for zack's birthday we decided to go for ice cream. we headed to manhattan beach and had some coldstone. zack loved his birthday ice cream. we were hoping to get their ice cream cupcakes but they only sold it in groups of eight so we settled for 3 cups for the whole family. zack ate sweet cream with pie crust.
xander chose chocolate with m&ms.

zack didn't care that he couldn't see the spoon. he still had his mouth open and ate up the ice cream. we were eating outside so his hair kept flying in his face.

eventhough we celebrated at night, the boys had a lot of fun walking around the plaza and looking at the candle lit restaurants. happy birthday zack!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday Family Day

on sunday we got ready for church and headed to la. service was moved so we ended up back in our area to go to the park. dada knew a cool park for us to play at and the boys loved it.

xander climbing up while dada spots him.

both boys enjoying the slide.

zack watching all the other kids play.

zack holding on tight.
the two boys on the swing

xander saw another kid slide like this, so he decided to do it also.
zack looks like he was having fun!
xander said he and dada are now pirates!
after, we headed over to long beach to see ate danika at her cheer competition! we didn't get to see her perform but the boys got to see all the craziness of cheer!

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